Me, in a few short words.

Gah. Posting has been spotty lately – and this was after I promised longer, more literary posts too! I suppose that it just goes to show that I can’t be trusted to always be entertaining. Or something.

It’s been just a regular week – you know – a little work, a little trip to Prince George, and some drinks last night with Jess. Mostly I’m preoccupied with the fact that my union convention starts this Thursday and my big election is on Saturday afternoon. There has been at least one development in my favour which is the incumbent in the position has announced that she is not running and supporting me instead, but on the other hand I’ve heard rumours of at last two other people who might throw their hat into the race. We’ll see. Win or lose, nothing in my life will change very much – and it’s not like there aren’t other union positions to run for at different points (I am already considering running for another term on the bargaining team even though we haven’t finished this round yet). I just hate the idea of losing in front of other people. A lot.

I’m getting my hair done on Wednesday though, so at least if I lose I’ll look good doing it.

I had a dream last night that I was taking photographs in low light without a tripod – and while they were all fairly focused, they came out grainy. That’s just the part of the dream I remember, it was one of those very pictorial nights. I’ve also been having odd sex dreams this week that I’m not going to write about here. Don’t need to give the Freudians any more ammunition after all!

More posting soon – but the next couple of weeks will be a bit patchy, what with union convention and going back to Ottawa for bargaining and all.

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