Another WordPress upgrade.

East Van train tracks I’ve been putting it off for a few weeks – but I finally bit the bullet this morning and upgraded my version of WordPress to 2.5, which of course also required an upgrade of the K2 theme and then some file editing to allay an annoying bug. I think I’ve got it all sorted now and I’m just doing a little practice posting to ensure everything is working okay.

For the reader, there really aren’t many changes to be be noted here – but on the backend, the new WordPress appears at first glance to provide much more powerful content management options. From the browesable media gallery to the tag manager and a nicer interface for dealing with comments, the production end of the software is well-interfaced and relatively intuitive. The ability to import and handle media really has got a lot better with this version – which makes me happy as someone who posts a lot of photos in my blog entries.

One thing I was hoping for but didn’t receive in this upgrade is a better user-management interface – one that would allow the blocking of robots from signing up by domain name or other identifier. I am cleaning up between 1-5 robot-subscribers a day right now, most of which are coming from the same domain (perhaps there is a plugin for this I’m not aware of). And for some reason, the Flickr widget on the side isn’t nicely formatted anymore and I’m not sure how to fix it, but I suppose it’s not that big a deal.

Anyhow. It’s done. And for those of you who use WordPress on your own machines and worry about upgrades and stuff – it’s worth it. If you use K2 then you might run into a problem which is addressed on the wordpress support forum. (PS – the fix recommended didn’t entirely work for me. I ended up deleting all the code from widgets-removal.php which seemed to do the trick without harming anything). Everytime I go through this process of upgrading I think – damn, it’s really time to find a theme other than WordPress. Expect some experimenting again soon.

3 Comments on “Another WordPress upgrade.

  1. I use a wonderful plugin that takes care of the upgrades for me. I think it’s called “Automatic WordPress Upgrade” or something similar (I’m not on my computer or I’d check. After installation, there’s a link on your dashboard and you just, well, click it. 🙂 And then it goes through all of the update steps for you. Seriously, it’s that easy. I used to have to ask my theme developer to do it for me, that’s how inept I am at this stuff.

  2. I know about the plugin but it doesn’t work with our particular server configuration and K2 always requires extra fussing too. Which is what really makes it all a pain. I’m setting up another blog (not on resist) and trying to figure out the best wordpress host in the even that I want to do Adsense on it. offers wordpress hosting but it’s free and there’s no option to pay and do advertising from it. Yahoo offers wordpress hosting but I’m not sure it allows Adsense. You get the drift. Any ideas out there and I’d love to hear em!

    But the new WordPress is lovely, no?

  3. I use bluehost and I *think* you can use adsense with them. They were the most reasonable (for a yearlong plan) when I was comparing several years ago and they offered the best value. They’ve been just fine as a host.

    And yeah, I’m liking 2.5.

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