Brief, celebratory interlude.


(Photo taken by Michael on our road trip. I have a good smile in it, which seemed appropriate for this post.)

I received a call last night from one of the women at Pandora’s Collective, a local writer’s organization that hosts a quarterly poetry contest. On a whim, I mailed my poem 15 minutes in a couple weeks ago with the $5 entry fee – figuring, what the hell – I might as well test myself against the world and see what happens. Then I forgot about it entirely.

Seems that I have won 1st place in their Summer Dreams contest and will be receiving a cheque for $100 in the mail shortly. The woman who called me not only informed me of my win, but further spent a couple of minutes telling me about the merits of my poem. I’m a little stunned. And happy.

It’s only a small thing, but I’ve read poetry from past contests and they do award good work from all over… It’s an encouragement that makes me wonder, “am I a writer now?”

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