Today’s article in the Altered Oceans series is about plastic and how it is killing marine life and smothering the sea – tons and tons of plastic products that make their way into our waterways every day, that animals eat and die from, that make up huge currents of garbage floating around like giant barges.

When I went to get take-out sushi at lunch, I stopped inside the door to Fujiya (which has the great 3.85 box specials), and I couldn’t get past revulsion at row upon row of shining, plastic sushi boxes. I left, and went to a place where I didn’t need to use plastic utensils or disposable chopsticks or take-out cartons. It’s not like I’ve never thought about this before – but right there I was seized by how utterly fucked up the disposable industries are and how much I want to cut-down on my contribution to the global waste-pile. I don’t think I’ve felt quite so strongly about anything since I first went vegetarian after reading “Diet for a New America” at the age of 15. I am revolted by it.

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