like vultures

in the last week i have had phone calls from two different real estate agents and a letter from a third! i guess the buzz is that units are for sale in our building – but they don’t know which of us are renters or owners – so i am subject to high-pressure calls to sell my home using these predators as agents. actually, it would be pretty funny to get another real estate agent involved in selling my apartment by pretending to be the owner….

but that might be against the law.

apparently there is some lawyer trying to file a class action lawsuit against the royal bank due to their computer error that had my pay delayed by a week. although i despise lawsuit culture, any chance to cash in against a bank like the royal i’m in for – they really have offered us nothing in the way of compensation for all the nonsense, nor any explanation of why it took so long to sort out.

and in other news a sasquatch was sighted on the weekend in the yukon. i would like to believe that even in this time of massive species domestication and extinction there is still one mythical creature that has not yet been captured, studied and destroyed – which is why stories like this make me just a little bit hopeful. if they can escape our civilization – maybe so can we……

spam is getting weirder every day….

latest spam in my inbox titled “she wants you to be.. harmonica kessler”

harmonica kessler eh? well i guess i can try……

apocalyptic fact of the day

according to health canada the breast milk of Canadian women contains the second-highest levels in the world of a compound used as a flame retardant in computer casings and household furniture. apparently women in canada have levels about five to 10 times those in other advanced industrial countries. we of course are second to the united states (where the rates are double those in canada). results from exposure to this chemical (polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs) include learning difficulties, memory impairment and alterations in thyroid hormone levels.

it’s ok though because the government says that exposure has not yet reached harmful levels. phew! that’s a relief

camping at sand point

just came back from the first overnight hiking trip i have done since i broke my ankle last summer…..

went to wash. state to see a friend of mine and we hiked a loop in ozette state park through sand point to cape alava which is a 9.5m/15km hike. we did 5 km the first day and 10 km the second which gave lots of time for watching wildlife and exploring the tidal pools. the tides were the lowest they have been for 19 years which meant lots of sea critters to look at – not to mention the eagles, deers, sea otters and racoons. there was quite a bit of rain, which made for a nice private hike (good thing about the rain is it keeps other people away). that also meant few other people camped at sand point which is a beautiful camping site overlooking a sheltered bay.

getting to do an overnight was a small victory for me – staying away from my computer for the entire weekend was an even bigger one!

i have a *lot* of work to do to get back in good hiking shape for my planned manning park trip in july which is a four-day/40 km journey.

one of my goals at the moment is to sleep outdoors as often as possible. i think it makes me a better person to fall asleep to the rhythms of wild space.

remind me why i bothered with the degree?

my paycheque is now three days late. this is not a big deal in itself except it highlights the ease with which electronic money can just disappear (or not show up in the first place) since the lateness of my pay is due to a computer error at the bank. this error is affecting thousands upon thousands of public sector workers across the country who bank with a certain institution. the latest is that our pay will not show up until sometime at the end of the weekend (if we’re lucky).

i don’t really consider this particular glitch a sign of any coming collapse but a reminder that one day all these non-physical assets could easily be wiped out by a bad computer virus or some other systemic failure. (remember argentina?) i would like to invest in some dirt if possible, but it is less and less likely i will be doing that anywhere near the city i live in….

my apartment – which last year was assessed at $200,000 is now listed on the market at $300,000 – which i confirmed with the real estate agent on tuesday. $300,000! for an apartment full of settling cracks in east vancouver. unbelievable. there is an article at today about the increase in housing prices in vancouver in the last year, followed by an article on the increase in unemployment in bc. there seems to be a disconnect here – how can it be in a time of growing unemployment, there is a huge inflationary increase?

even more depressing is rents also seem to be impossibly high in vancouver since i last looked. i have a strong aversion to paying more in rent than i currently do, but it looks like if i want to stay in my oh-so-trendy-used-to-actually-be-cool neighbourhood i will have to shell out another couple hundred a month unless i desire to live in a basement suite. not fair! (but whoever said life was?) – but really, i make a professional wage and can’t afford to live in vancouver’s eastside unless i accept divey digs? something seems askew here – i think it could be….. huh? what is that? oh yeah – capitalism.

so rather than kowtow to a system that seems determined to grind the desire for a decent standard of living out of me (unless i do the proper thing and pair up since this world is designed for a double-income family) – i am going to talk to my employer next week and see if they will let me work part-time from home. if that is a solution we can work on, then i am going to move off this penninsula for the shores of the sunshine coast where the rents are cheaper (by almost half) and the air quality a lot better. sure it means commuting by ferry and bus – but if i can knock that commute down to three days a week i think it will be more than manageble. i am so desperate right now, i might even consider moving up there and commuting every day until i can sort out a better arrangement.

so it looks like september 1st will be the eviction date, though if i could arrange a move for august 1st i would be more than happy. now the shoe has dropped i would rather just get a move on than wait around until the last minute.


maybe i should just purchase one of these obscenely-priced kiddie playhouses and set it up in grandview park. gah.

(and yes, i recognize that all things considered i’ve got it pretty damned good)

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