i was away overnight on thursday, at union meetings in vancouver and then nanaimo. on friday i returned to roberts creek to the obvious signs a bear had been to visit the yard in my absence.

the scat pile in the middle of the yard was the first indication, noticeable in that it was dead centre in the patch of bare earth of the recently retired septic field. i mentioned this to my friend jess as we sat out on the front steps of my home, wondering aloud what had brought the bear into my yard… when i realized moments later that the grape arbour on the left front of my house was completely ripped to shreds. there are no more bunches of grapes hanging from the vines, and leaves and squashed fruit litter the brick patio below. worst of all, the support posts on one side were all been knocked down, which meant repair work was in short order. it looks as though the bear stood on his hind legs to get at the vine fruit, the weight of him pulling everything down as he went.

i suppose it is my fault for not eating the grapes when they were ripe, for now the bear has got them.

besides the bear, i had other visitors over the weekend – jess on friday night and fraser on saturday night – hooray for old friends 🙂 – fraser and i had a fire on the beach saturday night which lasted until the rain started (and there was amazing lightning across the sea before that took hold).

i spent yesterday (sunday) cleaning up the grape arbour and then split some kindling so i would have lots of dry for starting fires on the cold days. as i said to my friend george on the phone this afternoon – only a month ago bears and firewood were not things i had to deal with as part of my daily existence…

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  1. We’ve been having a bear visit our cabin too… He mangled the pear trees, and made a big mess of the outdoor kitchen. Now everything is stored inside, but it’s a pain. I’m really not sure what to do about the fruit trees, people tell me you can get an electric fence, but given we’re on solar power, that seems like a terrible waste of electricty…. Oh, and our garden died cus it started to freeze. I’m suprised it’s frezing down here in california before BC… i guess you must be love elevation, we’re at 900 meters…

  2. hey rabble:

    yeah – that living in the bush thing – lots of options. i don’t know about the electric fence idea – i think it’s pretty nasty and an energy suck for sure. the reality is that bears are most active at this time of year and they get a bit frenetic in their food scavenging… the best thing to do is clean the trees off as soon as the fruits are ripe enough to be used…. that was my mistake – i left all this ripe fruit hanging.

    freezing in my part of the world doesn’t happen until december or later usually – i’m at sea level. but in other parts of bc it has already snowed……

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