Life List

(my list of things i live for)

  1. The incredible warmth that spreads through me when my partner puts his arm across my shoulders.
  2. The snow-capped North Shore mountains as seen through my bedroom window.
  3. Making things. All the things.
  4. A wedding planned on a special corner of the west coast.
  5. Coffee brought in bed first thing in the morning, every morning.
  6. Eagle feathers as gifts.
  7. Swimming naked in a crystal alpine lake after two days of hiking.
  8. “The Red Cedar” by Emily Carr.
  9. A shooting star so bright as to be seen in daylight.
  10. The sound of hard rain hitting the skylights when snuggled in our warm bed.
  11. High cloud passing over a bright moon on a windy night.
  12. Flowers rescued from a dumpster.
  13. Roasted beets.
  14. Being nuzzled good morning while still half asleep.
  15. The sunrise spilling from the valley to the east of my window.
  16. Flores Island. Magical and to be revisited often.
  17. The peek and struggle of crocuses and daffodils up from a long winter.
  18. Letters from friends who have come through the struggle the better for it.
  19. Finishing large and long projects.
  20. Meeting a fellow traveler unexpectedly.
  21. Strong, dark coffee.
  22. The romantic melancholy of old friends.
  23. A cold beer and a good political argument at the WISE.
  24. The Brandenburg concertos (particularly 1 and 3).
  25. Building a cozy cabin being in the woods, at the end of a dirt road – just for us!
  26. Standing up for the good with a crowd of creative, vibrant people.
  27. Winning someone’s job back after they have been laid off.
  28. The scent of cedar trees.
  29. Playing my fiddle until my fingers hurt.
  30. Singing and making music with my lover.
  31. Acceptance of all kinds.
  32. Knowing the people out there who love me think of me from time to time.
  33. A garden full of potential food and flower just waiting to burst.
  34. Wild strawberries.
  35. Seeing bears in wild spaces.
  36. Fiction so compelling it seeps into everyday life.
  37. Good accordion playing.
  38. Eclectic friends and eccentric co-workers.
  39. The songs my partner writes for me.
  40. Going on strike (what you lose in pay, you gain in dignity).
  41. An incredible, merged library that takes up many walls in our home and studio.
  42. Collectively creating.
  43. Well-planned dinners, cocktail parties, and gatherings.
  44. Long trails that end on sandy beaches.
  45. Being humbled by those who know so much more than me.
  46. Learning new things about marine life and the sea.
  47. A decent red wine and a long conversation.
  48. My women friends who inspire and support.
  49. Meeting a new mentor.
  50. Smoked salmon and avacado on kavli crackers.
  51. Arvo Part.
  52. Forest paths soft under the feet with needles and scent.
  53. Fresh lavender in my pockets.
  54. Art surprises in public spaces.
  55. The Sun Yat Sen gardens in the downtown eastside – feng shui at work.
  56. Midnight swimming in the black, black sea under an inky-dark sky punctuated by small star-points above and phosphorous below.
  57. Communal cooking parties with vodka and singing.
  58. Kissing.
  59. Four wheel drive and a backroad mapbook.
  60. Writers who remind me to keep seeking.
  61. Healing hotspring soaks surrounded by December snow.
  62. Sleeping outside in the cool of early fall.
  63. Solid and fabulous footwear for city or forest.
  64. Daily workouts at the gym to remind my body what it’s supposed to be doing.
  65. Home-canned peaches.
  66. Making house home, making spaces safe.
  67. Small words of encouragement from people I respect.
  68. Knowing where I’ve been is not where I am.
  69. Having communities and avenues of expression.
  70. Knowing where my centre is.
  71. Digging deep in the dirt with my hands to make gardens.
  72. Sharing gratitude with those who most need to hear it.
  73. Daily meditation to bring me back in touch.
  74. Walking around East Vancouver and thinking about society.
  75. Curries with lots of chutney.
  76. A cohort of academic friends and allies developed through my MA.
  77. The purple clematis that climbs my back porch, the rose of sharon on the fence.
  78. Clean sheets.
  79. Allowing the music to lead me.
  80. Ripe cherries and strong coffee for lunch.
  81. Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins in D minor.
  82. Zen ritual and service.
  83. The poems of Carl Sandburg.
  84. A house without a landlord from which I can build my future.
  85. Reading books aloud to my partner each night before bed.
  86. Road trips to parts unknown, the destination being friends to visit.
  87. The always-possibility something new really is just around the corner.
  88. Cheap sushi.
  89. Fantastic, loving, and often (very) naughty sex.
  90. Living in a city wrapped by trails and paths to everywhere.
  91. A bathtub big enough for two with a view of the mountains.
  92. The promise of always and forever.
  93. Self-love and an active imagination.
  94. Telling stories of daring and bravado – the best part of any adventure being the legends created.
  95. The confidences of good people.
  96. Days with which I can make art and music.
  97. A good writing critique delivered by those I trust.
  98. Cut flower bouquets from my own garden.
  99. Fresh fruit and ice cream.
  100. Getting the words just right.

Updated June 2015.

One Comment on “Life List

  1. So many cool things on here I don’t know where to begin. Can i cut and past half of this to my bucket list. LOL . I might swap the Back out with some a bit of Mahler though.

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