Post #3262: Myself Again

The other night I somehow managed to knock my water glass off my bedside table and awoke from a dead sleep to the sound of glass shattering against my metal bed frame. Fortunately most of the glass and water went behind the bed and not into it, but it was one of those completely terrifying moments just the same. The strange thing is, the top of my bedside table is not level with my bed (it sits several inches higher) and I was sleeping on my side which means that my non-dominant hand must have suddenly shot up and swept the glass off the edge in a fairly deliberate motion. I was in a deep dream state when this happened, so perhaps something subconscious triggered action, but I’m not normally someone who acts out dreams or sleep walks. I have mostly had a tendency towards sleep paralysis, the opposite condition.

Besides this totally bizarre incident, my insomnia has abated this week. Between that and the cooler temperatures, I am out of my floating state and feel much more like myself again. If there is anything this summer has reminded me, it’s that I am from Northern stock and much happier in the climate of my ancestors (Celtic, Scandanavian, Germanic)

This past week I have been attending a union convention via an online platform. This was scheduled for last summer, but cancelled and so we are catching up – just as we did with another convention in May. As much as I find union conventions a bit of a drag in person, they are worse online, with none of the usual sideline conversations or camaraderie (or drinks after session!) It is definitely possible to get the business done, but hard to feel the spirit of the thing when you are alone at home in front of you workaday computer.

Still, the good thing about online convention is that I am in my studio which means I’ve found lots of time while listening and during breaks to fool around at the weaving loom. Normally I knit during convention proceedings (keeping my hands busy helps my concentration), but at home I can get my weave on! This week I’ve finished one warp, wound the next one, and dressed my loom for another 8 yards of fabric. This is sample #3 from the Jane Stafford Weaving School, and I plan to make some towels and a scarf as I work through it over the next couple of weeks. After this project, I’ll be putting a commission on the loom to weave in September (that’s right – I’ve agreed to a first commission and will likely be open to others in the future).

I went for my first real run in nearly two months this week (I did a couple of 3kms on Cortes in July, but they were too short and hilly to count) – clocking 7 km at the behest of my running buddy who is not going to let me quit now that the weather is cooler. I’ve also been back on my workout schedule and thinking about what that is going to look like come fall. I had set some goals for this summer, but the heat and busyness of everything really dragged me out so I’m feeling pretty good just to have held onto my gains even though I didn’t advance them at all.

We’ve got two more house concerts at Birdsong before the summer closes out and I’ll be happy to be at the end of the series even though it has brought so much joy to our community and to us. Seven shows in 9 weeks is a lot to organize and it’s been the focus of most of our weekends over the summer. This has been a singular year in a number of ways (weather, covid, vaccination, coming out of a long dark winter) – and I don’t expect we will try to replicate a summer concert series to this degree next year.

I am definitely feeling the turn towards fall with the cooler weather and sprinkles of rain. Though we will likely have a dry/warm autumn, the change in the air is apparent and I hope it has an impact on the fires in the interior. I still have my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to go to our cabin outside of Princeton in a couple of weeks, but that all depends on the situation out there. For now I’m happy to be at home and rolling towards the seasonal transition (my favourite season is upon us!)

One Comment on “Post #3262: Myself Again

  1. Fall has always been my favourite season. I love the colours, the smells and the cooler air (same ancestral background as you!)

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