Post #3208: Stages of the pandemic

Like pretty much everywhere else in North America, BC is back into near-lockdown mode as of last night at midnight. I have responded by ordering more two-person board games and masks for the gym – my gym is still open at least. The photo at the head of this is from last winter in Lund harbour – I somehow haven’t taken a single photo of note this week.

Food: I’ve been eating more since I’ve been running, which I’d like to curtail a bit since we are heading into the slowest months of the year. On the other hand, we’ve been eating very well this week – curried noodles, smoked sablefish chowder, lasagna, tacos, rotisserie chicken, and cumin lamb have all hit the table – owing to the fact that both Brian and I are at home everyday and we have a ton of food in the pantry and freezer. We split one-more fresh of the boat halibut with a friend this week and now we have enough seafood in our freezer to eat it twice a week for the next year.

In other exciting food news, I harvested my first flush of Elm Oyster mushrooms and we’re going to eat them for dinner tonight (with some ground venison, and fresh tomatoes on pasta). I’ve put the kit back under the humidity tent to see if I can get another crop or two before the kit is done.

Textiles: I spent a bunch of time this week printing, taping, and cutting out PDF patterns for the Quadra Jeans (for Brian), the Morgan Jeans, the Persephone Pants, and the Oversized Shirt as well as the Beatrix top. Once I got that done, I cut out the first of my planned Oversized shirts in a lovely charcoal brushed cotton (so soft) and have started sewing it last night. So far so good, but I’m just at the beginning stages. I plan to work on it this weekend, and get it done if I can find the time.

Fitness: I seem to be getting stronger again after a couple of months of dropping back and maintaining my lifts at a lower weight level. Without a lot of effort I have found myself adding weight and intensity to my gym workouts – and though I’m not back up to my personal record weights, I’m heading there pretty quickly. I missed one workout this week because I was driving a friend around for house-inspection stuff – but otherwise, the workout regimen is pretty much on track. Running continues to interest me, and I am pretty consistently hitting 3 runs per week.

Work: This week we administered the exams in the job competition process I am running and I just spent the last two days marking them. Testing is a big part of federal government job processes but there is no particular standard for devising tests so everytime I do a process I have to come up with some way to have individuals show their ability to do what we need. This time I was testing for writing, web coding, and strategic advising. Now that I’ve marked them, I can move onto scheduling interviews with the goal of having all the heavy lifting done before xmas. This is a major milestone in a big process and I can’t believe we are this close to being done!

Notable things: Brian’s coworker and partner bought a place on Gabriola this week, something they can work on fixing up and use on weekends while they keep it tenanted – and I’m really happy for both them and the folks who currently live in the house who get to stay.

Other than that it’s been a pretty non-eventful week of stormy weather and periodic sun, new pandemic restrictions, and listening to podcasts (new favourite is Conspirituality, but also really enjoying Criminal, Reply All, and Maintenance Phase at the moment).

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