Post #3185: Another year, another pair of pants

Photograph of me wearing Pietra Pants

I no longer have any pants that fit me, which is a nice problem to have because it highlights some changes to my body that I’ve been working on in the last few months. Truth is, I didn’t have that many winter-worthy pants in the wardrobe to start with since I have a tendency to wear leggings, tights, and skirts in the colder months. I’m not a huge fan of how full-length pants look on me, though in the summer I’m all over the mid-calf look.

To that end I have declared February “pants” month at Birdsong Studio and I am dedicating myself to sewing a few pairs of long pants to take me through the spring. A part of me doesn’t want to sew for my current size, as I believe my body is still in flux. On the other hand, I need stuff to wear now.

Enter the Pietra Pants by ClosetCase Patterns! This pattern has the feature of a flat front with an elasticized back waist. This means I can wear these through more than one size up or down which seems about right these days.

Because pants are somewhat challenging to fit, I started out with a muslin made of shirting fabric (inexpensive and in the stash). Even though I made my normal adjustments at the outset (taking an inch out of the crotch, and an inch out of the bottom leg), they still turned out to be too baggy for me around the crotch and hips. I altered the pattern again, leaving the waist at a size 16 and grading down to a 14 in the hips and legs in an attempt to get a better fit.

The pair in the photo up top is the result. These are made from a lightweight denim, and while they fit better, all my fiddling with pattern pieces earlier made leg length and the waistband facing a bit wonky. Also, it turns out I don’t need a 16 waist so the next pair will be a 12 or a 14 all through, keeping the crotch and length adjustments as they are. I’m still getting used to my current body and I do find Closet Case patterns fit a tad big against my actual measurements.

The really important thing is that the Pietra Pants have easily accessed flat front pockets that are large enough for a cel phone – this was the other feature in addition to the elastic backwaist that attracted me to the pattern.

In other news, I turned 47 this past weekend which involved a house concert @Birdsong, a nice dinner in Comox, and a little away trip to Lund, BC (a tiny harbour which is pretty dormant in the winter, but bustling in the summer). There was a lot of cake, and also quite a few drinks had – I’m in a bit of recovery this week as I return to my normal work life and no sugar until the next big celebration.

I plan to cut out my next pair of pants tonight as I’m on a bit of a roll to find the right fit and the hint of spring in the air turns me towards notions of a new wardrobe. Once I have my pants sorted out, then I’ll throw a few tops and tunics in the mix for springtime wear. Nothing too fancy, just some new basics for a new season.

2 Comments on “Post #3185: Another year, another pair of pants

  1. Nice, but don’t you know the advent of video calls has made pants obsolete? Next time you’re on a Zoom meeting take a poll. #pantsareforsuckers

  2. Happy Birthday and your pants look super. I am a skirt wearer mostly, but you gotta have trouser in your wardrobe for sure.

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