Post #3157: Loom talk

I started warping my loom for the first time in ages yesterday. Problem is, I decided to use a warping technique I’m not overly familiar with and I made a mistake right out of the gate. Fortunately, my warp chains are salvageable and I’m able to warp front to back which is the way I know best. Though I keep wanting to nail back to front, no matter which way I’ve tried, it doesn’t come easily to me. I think I might just be one of those weavers with a very strong preference.

I’m just hoping that while dealing with my mistake I didn’t get my warp chains too out of order. At least it’s a rug warp, and not delicate if and when I have to work through a tangle.

I haven’t put anything on the loom in several months because it’s seemed like so much work, and honestly, weaving is something I’m not very good at. While my sewing has improved to the degree where I’m happy with my skill level, the same is not true with weaving. I have a throwing technique that abrades my warps and breaks them, and my selvedges are wobbly. And while I know that these things are just a matter of practice, getting a warp on only to have finished pieces come out so-so is a bit of a downer.

So I’ve got to adjust my expectations, step back to see that sewing is something I’ve done for sixteen years now, and weaving not so much.

My plan is to get this warp on by the weekend so I can start weaving again. I’m also inclined to get a warp on my big loom soon since I have only warped it once since restoring it. I’m a bit afraid of it to be honest, and I have thoughts about getting rid of it in favour of an easier-to-warp jack loom. I think I need to work with it more before making that decision.

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