Post #3154: A new tote for a new season

I’m heading into Vancouver for a few days which is not a by-choice kind of thing. I’ve got meetings, dinners and a trip to the Zendo planned which is all fine, but most days I would rather just be in my studio.

On the weekend I finished a new bag, which has been in the works since the late fall when I hand stitched the outside panels and made the boro piece which is now serving as an outside pocket.

All materials in this piece except the lining are leftover from sewing garments for myself and my partner.

Inside I installed a zip pocket and a cel phone pocket. I also hella interfaced everything so this bag has a lot of structure.

I carry a tote around as my main purse most of the time because I’ve so often got a change of clothes for the gym, an iPad, or a knitting project with me.

Since finishing it on Sunday, I’ve transferred everything into this bag and it’s travelling into the city with me today. A new catchall that reminds me of my studio wherever I go.

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