Post #3146: What am I doing here anyway?

I started this blog almost 15 years ago (May is my blogiversary) with the express intention of documenting the signs of environmental apocalypse that were apparent to me, as a communicator in a resource management field, but not really being framed in such a way by the mainstream media. If only I had kept to that theme I might now have a well-read blog, as the topic of apocalypse is so all the rage these days!

But instead, this became more of a personal space, though I have continued to write about environmental catastrophe and nature, I have also morphed out into other areas like sewing and knitting (and recipes!). I have a very small readership, as is the case with personal blogs like this one – but I do hear from those of you who read it that you enjoy it very much – and I am grateful for that! I don’t need a big audience, but I do like to know that I have a few listeners.

Last year I changed my tag line from “More apocalypse, less angst” to “Zen and fibre arts on Gabriola Island” because I wanted to reflect that I was moving away from one thing and towards another. I didn’t define that transition very well, and frankly, that move has always felt inauthentic. I think I wanted to make this blog space “friendlier” for the fibre arts community in order to increase my audience – but to what end I’m not exactly sure.

In any case, it seems to me there are two very different purposes at work here – one of them being Red Cedar, and the other being Birdsong Textiles. I’m not sure exactly what to do about that, but I do know that I’m doing neither particularly well at the moment. I also recognize that I don’t have all the time in the world for blogging, so two blogs might be a mistake.

At the very least I am re-engaging my tag line, because that’s always felt the most “me” about this blog through all the many years I’ve had it, and I am going to give some thinking to the content in the meantime. I know, it’s such a silly thing – the tag line – but I’ve always loved it and it is a real description of how I feel about this world.

What other changes will come I am still thinking about, but that for today is enough. I want to be really who I am online, and I’m not interested in monetizing anything that I do so “friendliness” isn’t something I have to worry about particularly. Still and all, one wants readers!

One Comment on “Post #3146: What am I doing here anyway?

  1. I understand the split in writing motivations. It’s been tricky for me, too. I want to focus on nature-immersed lifestyle/interests, but there are so many areas begging for attention.
    Meanwhile, unless or until we pin down a critical mission that rises above all others, it seems to me a good idea to “just be you” in the ways it manifests and wants to express. I like what you’re doing with that. Best wishes!

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