Post #3144: Announcing Comfort for the Apocalypse (a new project)

Hey Folks. I am introducing a new project for 2019…. A newsletter! I plan to send my first edition out next Friday.

Resilience, recipes, and cultural leanings

You can subscribe here.

This is a monthly newsletter for folks who feel as overwhelmed as I am by things like climate change, polarizing politics, and mass shootings, and are seeking not only comfort, but a way to be more resilient and connected in their communities.   

Each newsletter will contain:

  • a short personal essay
  • a recipe for comfort or times of crisis
  • cultural leanings—be it song suggestions inspired by the house concerts Brian and I host at our island home, images from my textile experiments, or a recommendation for a good read

Plus, you can respond to the newsletter and parts of our conversation may be included in the next issue (with your permission).

This content will be original to the newsletter and separate from the blog ( will continue to be what it is). Again, you can subscribe at if this sounds like something that would interest you.

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