Post #3129: A knock and a walk

Lives are so layered – when I think back over my forty-five years of life on the planet, I feel like a whole different person lived my teenage years, my twenties, and even some of my thirties.

And that is okay, that is just how it is – I don’t feel un-integrated as a person, but that each of those whole/separate selves is a part of of the greater me.

Sometimes though, the past comes knocking and the former self is jarred back into existence. Just a little bit. This morning the eco-radical me from past days did just that in the form of a text message from an old friend.

That, plus the hints of autumn in the air have me feeling deeply nostalgic for a time when I was out in the woods a lot more than I am these days.

It’s a good thing that the present me had the sense and ability to move out of the city a couple of years ago. A forest walk awaits me when my working day is done!

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