Post #3125: No time like now

For the first time in two weeks, Brian and I woke up in a house without guests – a sensation relieving but also tinted with disappointment. It’s hard to give up the crowd!

Stranger still is that in the midst of visits and people to-ing and fro-ing, we had to put our dog Charlotte down last week after a massive stroke – and so we find ourselves suddenly without anyone to caretake, not even our constant companion of many years.

But the stillness does make me think about writing again – something I decided to put more time to a few months ago. It’s been hectic here since late spring, but the quiet of August’s heat, the heaviness of the smoke-laden air, have me convinced that perhaps I should free up the fingers on the keyboard and share my notes and fleeting philosophies with what few people read this.

A friend told me on the weekend that she appreciates this blog because I write things that she can relate to – something I am always glad to hear, for even a handful of people relating to each other is a positive event. But in any case I’ve had this nagging urge to write recently which is something I find difficult to ignore – so having readers is a bit besides the point.

I’m reading Ursula K. Leguin’s “No Time to Spare” – a collection of her blog posts from close to the end of her life – as a bit of inspiration right now. I would love to find my way to the occasional short essay, interspersed with posts about dress-making or weaving. The question is always – what do I give up in order to make time to write? Or perhaps I give nothing up but do less of one thing or another instead.

Whatever happens, I’m going to return to posting here after the last few weeks of nothing – I’ve had this blog for fifteen years or so – and I don’t feel like just now is when I want to abandon things here.

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