Post #3119: Another five days of Me Made May 2018

Yesterday was day 15 of Me Made May and I am still on a roll with the self-sewn items:

There are some repeats from the last couple of weeks – but the cephalopod and roses dresses are were originals, as is the Amy Butler bag that I made years ago and carried my work clothes over to the city with me yesterday. That bag represents the first pattern I ever sewed from, and the first time I ever used interfacing – a precursor to the garment making I started doing shortly afterwards (about eight years ago).

This next seven days is going be a greater challenge for a few reasons:

  1. Although I got a tripod to better take photos of myself this month, I promptly dropped and broke my camera so I am stuck with mirror selfies.
  2. I do not have a full length mirror in the condo or the cabin I am going to on the weekend.
  3. My husband (love him!) takes worse photos of me than I take of myself in the mirror.
  4. I will be at our bush cabin from Thursday and so not wearing all my cute things.

So we’ll see how successful I am at getting photos over the next little bit. The fact that I have photographed myself 15 days in a row is somewhat remarkable and the process has made me a lot more relaxed about how my selfies look. I do plan to purchase another camera before the end of the month (Olympus is having a sale on the model I want until May 31) – so I look forward to setting up more professional photos in the future.

Up there in the banner image is my next significant project which I organized this past weekend – the Alabama Chanin swing skirt – which I have stencil printed and will start embellishing sometime next week. This is a four panel skirt and I printed on each of them, then basted them to a backing layer – next step will be to stitch around all the shape edges, then cut out the interiors -which is a bit of a process if my test-samples are anything to go by.

As I’m away from home and studio at the moment, there won’t be any sewing progress this week – and since I am trying to only sew from stash at the moment I don’t even think I’ll get a visit to Vancouver fabric stores while I am here.  On the other hand, I’ve got three items cut out at home, and more projects planned in my mind for summer wear – and if this heat wave keeps up it will be end of sewing season for me anyway.

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