Post #3117: A sunny Monday

I just had such a great weekend.

Brian is working on songs for a new album (to be recorded in the fall), and a couple of musician friends came up to workshop the material with us. In between many hours of playing and arranging music we also ate great food, had our first evening fire of the season, had a few too many drinks, went to the local spring fair, and had a picnic of deli foods at the most beautiful point on the island. The weather has definitely taken a turn towards summer and I am returning to my work desk replenished in vitamin D, and creative fellowship.

I’ve got a pile of work on my plate this morning so more writing will have to wait until later, but in the meantime I have determined that the best way to post Me Made May outfits is to do five days at a time. Here are the first five days of the challenge:

Left to right: my self-makes are top (Cashmerette Webster) and pants (Emerson crop pants), skirt (self drafted) and top (Cashmerette Concord), skirt and sewn infinity scarf (self drafted), dress (modified Coco by Tilly and the Buttons), pants (Emerson crop pants).

One thing this challenge is already helping me with is determining what clothes have seen better days and no longer suit or fit me. Take the blue top in the above photo – if you look *very* closely you can see that the spandex in the fabric is breaking and so there are puckers that look none too good. That shirt is now relegated to yard work wear only and one of the reasons that I am trying to avoid plastic in fabrics I purchase from here on out – this shirt is less than a year old and has never seen the dryer!

I note that a few people have started following here lately – likely due to my activity in the sewing community. I have finally updated my About page to give a little more info about myself. If you are interested in a bit of backstory, please check it out!

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