Post #3115: Me Made May begins!

It is day two of Me Made May – and I am wearing the spring dress I made a couple of months ago:

I don’t plan to post a selfie every day this month but I might do round-ups once a week, or at the end of the month as I have pledged to wear at least one me-made item per day.  I just got a tripod for my camera (my old one fell apart some time ago) so I am also going to use this month as an opportunity to get some better shots, particularly outdoors. Photographing myself well is something I would like to get better at – and a tripod is key to that process as it means I can use my real camera which takes *much* better photos than my phone.

So, as a recap – this month in addition to wearing me-mades I am planning to:

  • sew to fill wardrobe gaps
  • sew from fabric in my stash
  • continue to finish the unfinished items kicking around my studio

I am also going to clean out my drawers again and remove anything that isn’t getting worn. I have done this already this year, but I still feel that I have many items that I do not enjoy or want to wear – mostly because they are ill-fitting. There are only so many things I can save for “one day when I lose weight/get in shape” and even though I am working out consistently these days (more on that in a future post), I know that even if I do get more toned – it doesn’t mean my body will go back into the same form it was before when those clothes fit. Bodies are weird like that – always changing shape and texture.

When you sew for yourself, there is no hiding from your shape! But unexpectedly, I’ve grown to like my body more not less as a result. I think it has something to do with the fact I am forced to look at myself more often in the mirror and in photographs – and you just get used to what you see over time. For many years, I would never look in mirrors at all because I hated what I saw; that kind of avoidance just builds on itself and creates as much of the body-hating dynamic as anything else going on.

I just became aware of a challenge that took place earlier this year called “sewing makes you love yourself“. I’ve been thinking about that for the last few days and realizing how much that is the case for me – as much as shopping for ready-to-wear-clothing makes me hate myself, the converse is also true – which just speaks volumes to the subjectivity around our bodies. During this month of May I might try to write a bit more on these themes, as I focus on wearing and making more of my wardrobe for the summer.

Happy May!

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