Post #3113: A small and scrappy make

Since watching the mini-series version of Alias Grace on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about classic quilt blocks. There’s quite a bit of quilt-talk in that story and the period-accurate quilts featured on the show are extraordinarily beautiful.

I’ve been wanting to make a new full sized quilt for awhile, but I’m still deciding what style and materials I want to use. A queen-sized quilt is a big undertaking so you really have to love what you start with – there is no half-hearted quilting!

As part of this exploration I pieced together a log cabin block from some garment scraps the other night as an experiment to see if I might have the patience to do a whole log cabin quilt (answer: probably). Log cabin is such an interesting block because it can be laid out in so many different ways to some really stunning effects.

With just one log-cabin block made out of scrappy twill and linen (and a tiny center of double gauze) – I was totally in love with the finished product. Instead of setting it to the side I added some interfacing and extra fabric and turned it into a small bag just big enough for my iPad, wallet, and phone (there is a phone pocket on the back side).

This was a quick project and used up a bunch of scraps which is satisfying on both counts. It’s not at all original (turning a quilt block into a bag), but by using these heavier bottom-weight fabrics in neutral colours, this bag doesn’t feel “scrappy” at all to me. I love patchwork – but I don’t necessarily want to wear it on my person – you know?

Of course it’s fully lined, and has a cel phone pocket on the back for easy access. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t put magnetic snaps into the lining because I feel like that would be a perfect final touch – but I might sew a heavy duty snap in instead for securing the closure. I’m not sure if I really need it though so I’ll use the bag a bit first before I decide.

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