Post # 3105: A roundup of makes from March!

When I moved (almost) two years ago, I moved a number of unfinished projects with me. Like the quilt in this photo. I’ve been carrying the squares and the backing fabric around for about five years – both of which I purchased for next to no money (seriously – I think I spent a total of $15 on the fabric here) – and until yesterday it was just taking up space in a drawer. While trying to clear some space for some work materials, I came across it and another unfinished project stashed away together – and decided that it was just time to get it done. I basically marathoned it yesterday afternoon and evening – fast and not fussy – and although there is nothing measured or meticulous about this project, I have a perfectly serviceable picnic quilt.

What makes it a picnic quilt is the fact the backing is plastic tablecloth material – making it damp proof and easy to wipe clean – which you can see in the turned up corner here:

These are really not my colours – but cheery for spring! I look forward to warmer days when I feel the urge to loll about on the grass.

I’ve also finished a number of other things which I haven’t posted here this month. These include another Webster top in double gauze:

Another Coco dress. This fabric has been in my stash for more than two years, and I wasn’t sure if I would want to pull off something this bright – but with a black cardigan it looks great, and these dresses are the most comfortable wardrobe staple:

A new shawl made using a Party of Five set from Sweet Georgia yarns. Pattern is Starburst – and it took me about two months to knit up:

And I’ve been getting some stitch and reverse applique practice in too:

At the moment, I’m working on a crochet curtain (also using up some of the crochet cotton stash), and trying to decide what projects I will tackle in April. As much as I want to tackle all the unfinished objects and get them out of my studio – I need a certain amount of new makes to keep me occupied. That doesn’t mean new materials though! I’ve got so much stuff in the stash to work with – and I want to clear out some of the clutter before sewing season slows down (I pretty much cease sewing in the summertime because outside is so much more fun). As we are almost onto April I guess we shall see what comes out of the studio!

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