Post # 3101: Small tasks in awakening

I sorted my thread spools this morning and threw out the near-empty ones, arranging the remainder by colour in the spool rack. It was a very satisfying small project, particularly because I look at them all the time; they sit right beside my computer monitor at my work desk.

This week I plan to focus on small tasks like this. Tidying up a corner of the yard or two, emptying out the boxes I moved out of my old office, renewing my car insurance, cutting out a new pattern on some muslin fabric. It feels like we’re just creeping out of the end of winter weather, and I think small, completed tasks will help pull me along in that.

Seasonal birds have returned to my yard, daylight savings will bring longer evenings, and we are only fifteen days away from the official start of spring. Oh, my soul. It’s time to wake up!


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