Post #3099: Almost a post-iversary

Do you see that number in the title of my blog post? That means I am one post away from 4000 posts since starting this blog back in 2004. Fourteen years of blogging as red-cedar.

I think May is the actual anniversary date, but 4000 posts is a bit of a milestone is it not?

Unfortunately, my very first posts are not here anymore because I originally was blogging on another platform (maybe livejournal) and then moved to wordpress – but I do remember that I started this blog in order to document the environmental apocalypse, and make political commentaries (thus the tag line – more apocalypse, less angst).

While I am still internally documenting said apocalypse and making the odd commentary – this blog has been about so much more than that over the years, and has become an enduring chronicle of my life events. Partnerships, politics, moving, grad school, making, cooking, urban homesteading, marriage, hiking and other adventures – so many photographs and stories are contained in these posts.

I’ve never kept a consistent paper diary or a scrapbook – so other than my daytimers, this is the only place with much of a record of my past selves. Though I rarely look back, the fact that I can gives me quite a bit of pleasure (though I acknowledge having just looked at my first post on this platform, I find my posts about making stuff much more interesting than my earlier political commentaries).

I don’t know what post #4000 is going to be yet. A piece of clothing I am working on? Some reflection on my weekend meditation retreat? I’ll have to see when I get there tomorrow – but now that I’ve marked the occasion I won’t bring it up again!

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