Post #3097: The Cephalopod Dress

It’s a new dress kind of day!


I am going to straight up tell you that I am in love with this make. As usual, my photos aren’t the best but don’t let that fool you – this is one fabulous dress!

Print is Cotton + Steel Mystery Food Smoke, Cotton Jersey Knit. I bought it from Thread Count Fabrics back in the fall and it’s been waiting to be turned into a dress ever since.

I originally thought I would use the Turner Dress pattern by Cashmerette for this. I’ve been in love with her patterns recently – as she knows how curves work – and so I decided to try it out. Good thing I decided to make a muslin first!

Using some black jersey I discovered two things about myself – apparently I have a long torso ratio-wise which explains why things that are supposed to sit just above the waistline almost never do, but also, I don’t like dresses that divide at the waistline or just above. When I think back on all my favourite dress makes, to a number, they are all either derivatives of the Coco dress (for knits) or have princess seaming (for wovens). Somehow I’ve been making dresses all these years and never noticed that preference.

But still, Cashmerette came to the rescue because the one thing I’ve never liked about the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons is the neckline. It’s way too high for my bust shelf (and makes me look blockier than I’d like). On the other hand – the Concord Shirt by Cashmerette has a neckline that I really like – so I traced one neckline over the other and altered the Coco pattern that I’ve been using and altering for the past couple of years.

Now, despite what I said yesterday about sewing not being simple – the Coco dress really is pretty easy once you are comfortable sewing with knits. Four pieces – a front, back and sleeves with a hemmed neck and sleeves instead of bias binding. I don’t have an overlock – I just zig zag stitch on my regular machine for knits and it works fine (though I sure like the idea of those professional finishes).

I really love this dress more than I thought I would. Although I loved the print, I wasn’t sure about wearing it – but it works for me. And paired with black tights and a cardigan – it’s like cozy pajamas that I can wear to work!

2 Comments on “Post #3097: The Cephalopod Dress

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  2. Meagan, your dress is amazing and that neckline is great! I love a good Franken-Pattern session and might have to try this, too.

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