Post #3092: Another Blackwood cardigan

Last night, I went up to the studio with no real plan in mind. I’m still exhausted from my work meltdown and it’s hard to get excited about things at the moment. Fortunately, I had a project on the dressform that only needed a couple of pieces cut and sewn to finish, and Voila! Another version of the Blackwood Cardigan, this one fitting perfectly with a couple small adjustments to the width on the front band.

When we get back from Tofino, I will have to decide what to tackle next: a pair of pants? One of my unfinished jackets? Or recurring a pattern based on a muslin I just made (that didn’t work out). I find it’s best going into the studio not knowing what I am going to work on, and just let my energy level and interest direct me. Too much forcing myself to finish projects and I just end up resenting the whole exercise.

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