Post 3082: Welcome to another one

I don’t feel equipped for the start of 2018. The last quarter of 2017 went by at such a pace that I feel like I need a do-over on a bunch of work and union-related matters. We finished the year with a big party at Birdsong though, so I guess there is no turning back.

My goal this year is less of everything – except making things, meditation, writing, reading, and time with Brian.

Okay – maybe my goal is just to reduce the amount of things I take on at work – I think that’s more honest. I need to stop getting flattered into taking on more committees, more workshops, more projects. I have enough work and travel on my plate between my actual job and my role as local president – the addition of creating and giving mindfulness workshops at every other staff meeting last year was a bit of an overstretch (to say the least about that!). I won’t be doing any of that in the near future.

What I do have coming up in the near term, guaranteed – are two or three work projects with wide-reaching significance in my field, a trip away with my lady friends, and a week in Vancouver for work, capped by a Coast Salish weaving workshop at the Museum of Anthropology.  It’s a new year with a bang even though I’m still recovering from the last one. The other thing I’ve got in front of me is a big stack of books – I’ve been on a library ordering kick again lately – and it’s cold outside! One of my commitments for this year is definitely less time randomly scrolling around on the Internet, and more time reading good books, and writing a bit more too.

To that end I’ve posted a new page under “Read” up top – “What I’ve read lately” which  has a list of what I read in 2017. I’ve also updated my 1001 books list, as I have decided to start whittling that down a bit too (after years of neglect – I just can’t let it die!).

There will be more here and on instagram from me in 2018 – I’ve been feeling the need to connect a bit more again, after the period of head down and straight through of the last few months – though I make no promises as to the quality of my posting.

Mostly, I just want to come back to myself.  I’ve been so exhausted for so long that I’ve wandered away from my roots and refuge. This recent break has been a bit of an opportunity to see that for what it is. So here I am with a heart of vows and another moment in front of me!



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