Post #3031: Knitting in New York

This holiday is a visiting-oriented trip, so there is much sitting around and socializing. First in Croton-on-Hudson (where the above photo was taken), and now in Huntington Long Island where my brother-in-law lives.


Basically, I’m hanging out in suburbia and it’s giving me lots of time with my niece and my knitting – much more relaxed than any other trip I’ve taken to New York.

The weather here has been mixed, and the house we are staying at has a swimming pool – so besides knitting, I have done a lot of walking around streets without sidewalks, and swum laps. Today I walked to a fabric store and bought a couple of things but no spectacular finds. Tomorrow we’ll go and do some type of touristy activity since the rain is clearing off – but mostly this is a trip about hanging out and knitting. Not so bad.

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