Post #3023: My Interior place

Since we’ve recently moved to a small(ish) island, friends keep asking us why we are keeping our cabin in the interior. After all, we bought that land because we wanted a getaway from the city and now we are pretty much permanently away (except for work trips in). And I have to admit that the fact we own two rural properties does strike me as somewhat ridiculous…. if not for the fact that I grew up in a small community on an island, and my family had a cabin across from a lake at the end of a dirt road Interior….. and so it’s also entirely familiar to me. In the case of my parents, their reasons for having the two places was that the lake place was attached to family history and the land had been gifted by my Grandfather. In my case, it’s that BC’s dry country with its plateaus and valleys, mountains and lakes – speaks to the childhood in me, the summer spent barefoot and unguarded, running in and out of the many homes of our extended family. And while our place now is not the same as our place then – it brings me back down the same highways and into similar weather systems…. and I have to admit that the design and positioning of our cabin bears some striking similarities to the one my father built when I was five years old.


I love it something fierce, this landscape – and our cabin is a continual source of learning and challenge for me. Although we have made it a bit harder to visit by moving two ferries away – I noted on this last trip that whenever I come over the rise to the vista of the Jura Ranch along the way to our place – I am never sorry that we bought out there. And I still want to spend time there as much as ever.

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