Post #3020: Studio in progress

Or should I say – studio in disarray? As you can see from the photo above, things are a bit of a mess at the moment.

I returned yesterday afternoon from Bronwyn’s memorial in Victoria (more on that in a future post) with a seriously bad cold. I had driven down with it, thinking it would get better over the weekend – but the exact opposite happened and I’m home from work today feeling pretty sorry for myself. It’s one of those real congestion things – in the lungs, ears, nose – and everytime I try to do too much, I break out in a sweat and have to lie down.

But even so, I’m compelled today to slow work on getting the studio unpacked from boxes at least. I’m not moving fast, and I’m not engaging in any heavy lifting – so it’s feeling possible to shuffle things around despite the fact all I want to do is sleep. Have I mentioned that I have a great napping couch in my space now? Pictures of that once everything is tidied up again.

My studio is on the second floor of the garage/out-building – and as such, it feels very much like a treehouse for I am surrounded mid-tree height by branches and the sounds of birds. On a good day (when the person across the road isn’t weedeating, as they are at the moment), all I can hear from up here is the ocean and the birds. It’s a very compelling space – what with windows on all sides and a fresh white paint job – even though I am still totally in love with our new home, I find that today, all I want to do is sit in my messy studio rather than abandon my unpacking job entirely.

I’ll return to that now, the shedding of boxes. I feel that if I at least get everything out of boxes it will be organizable – I’ll be able to see where it all goes. While still hidden, my belongings become opaque to me and I can’t remember exactly what still has to come out in order to help me plan my space. I hope to have this project finished soon, for I have been quite unhappy not having access to my materials for the last few weeks.

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