Post #3017: Here I am.

In the past week I have landed, and re-landed, and landed again – and I have to admit that I am feeling turned inside out by the process.

We moved ten days ago, from Vancouver to Gabriola Island. Then on Friday we flew north to Bella Coola for a 2-day trip in order to witness the marriage of our friends Dayna and Ernie. Last night we got home and this morning I got on the ferry for my first commute into Nanaimo for work.

While our new home is beautiful, and work is not an issue in terms of the commute, my actual cubicle/office space is pretty awful and I’m working on either getting it changed or fixing it up. But in any case it’s a lot of changes all at once and I’m telling myself that it’s going to start to feel normal real soon. Just the fact that I’ve got my work access pass sorted out and bought a few office supplies helped a bit this morning.

But let me tell you that as discombobulated as I feel right at this moment, our new home is almost entirely set up and I absolutely love the location and the layout of our property. I’ll share photos and details in the next few days – tonight I get to unpack my studio space and then we’ll be pretty much done with the initial organizing of our selves. There is much gardening to do, and some small interior details to see to – but otherwise we’re pretty much there and it feels so good to be at home that I don’t like to have to leave it!

I’ll start posting here again regularly as we are settling into new routines and a new approach to living our lives.

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