Post #3005: A short cycle commuting update

Cycling this week has been super-swell. Not only have I missed every major rain storm by sheer scheduling luck, but the cherry blossoms in Vancouver are making it ridiculously beautiful. And on top of that – I made two major milestones this week:

  1. Shaved five minutes off my morning commute this morning (mostly because I’m no longer afraid to go fast down hills)
  2. Made it up the Adanac hill (two days in a row!)

I wouldn’t say that the cycle commute has exactly gotten *easy* in the last two months – but that’s partly because I was really sick for a couple of weeks and between that and travel ended up missing about three weeks of doing it. But even being back on the bike last week and this – I’m already feeling my strength build back up. And I sure am noticing on those days when I have to take the bus how much I don’t want to be on there.

I’m heading into the Easter weekend celebrating small victories and this is one of them: I said I was going to start cycle commuting again, and not only am I doing it, I have grown to quite like it again!

One Comment on “Post #3005: A short cycle commuting update

  1. Didn’t you say the reason you didn’t want to bike to work was because you liked the bus ride? … 😉
    Welcome to the shared secret: biking is fun. Cheers!

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