Post #3002: Now we’re rolling….

So. It’s done. Or very close to being so:

This is our new house on Gabriola Island (if all goes well with the inspections that is). Our offer was accepted yesterday and we are scheduled to remove subjects by the end of the month. (!!!)


The Urban Crow Bungalow has now been sold to a lovely family who will take possession in June.

I have many things to sort out, not the least of which is where I will be working come move-in time. I could stay working in the city part-time/part-time from home – but my preference is to work from Nanaimo full time and I’m crossing my fingers that this will be possible. (It’s very possible since I do all my work online, but there has to be the will to allow it and that’s not always present around here).

The photo above was taken two-minutes walk from the house, as it’s very close to the beach. It doesn’t have a view, but the beach is endlessly available – plus there is a two floor studio for textiles and music-making! And while a view would have been nice, this home was by far my favourite that we looked at in terms of how it feels and has been kept up. (Here is the full listing if you are so inclined to peruse it).

Our move is June 10th, though we’ll probably pack up our place on the 7th or 8th and store things for a couple of days to facilitate cleaning and organizing our house for handover. We have a very tight turn-around on things on that end – but I’m sure it can be managed (right?).

I can’t really believe that this happening so quickly – and at the same time, it can’t happen fast enough now that the decision has been made. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing (as you can imagine) and ready for the change!


2 Comments on “Post #3002: Now we’re rolling….

  1. Hi – I discovered your blog purely by accident – we too are moving, likely in a different direction, but for similar reasons! We currently are in Nanaimo but retirement is approaching and we will not do that with a mortgage. So when we sell our current home – which we are doing ‘fsbo’ ( – we should be able to buy something that appeals either in another area of the Island OR the Kootenays. I wish you luck and am pretty sure that you will enjoy living on Gabriola, which is sort of an extension of Nanaimo!

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