Post 2091: Sitting with discomfort.

If meditation has taught me one thing (or started to anyhow), it’s that sitting with discomfort is possible. And more than that, it’s often desirable. When we sit with discomfort without immediately trying to rectify it, we learn more about the cause, and we stop ourselves from doing more damage in the process of trying to fix it. I think about this a lot, both when I am successful at not responding to a trigger, and when I am not. Especially when I am not.

After two (plus) years of meditating through illness, exhaustion, and occasional distress, I’ve noticed bit by bit, that it’s become easier to be uncomfortable psychically and physically in my everyday life. I don’t mind being caught out in the rain quite as much, I don’t have to scratch every itch, I don’t have to respond to every hurting thing. It makes it easier for me to imagine riding my bike to work in the winter, I don’t care so much about letting go of friendships that have gone sour. Which isn’t to say that none of these things affect me – I am no master of detachment after all! But I am a little less impacted, and when any feeling (good or bad) arises, I am able to mind the state I’m in with greater attention. Not to mention with wider perspective. Which in itself is a kind of relief – this ability to get outside of my own state a little bit and just witness it.

And speaking of meditation – is there anything more zen than a heron? I think not.


Photos taken at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner, BC this past weekend.

2 Comments on “Post 2091: Sitting with discomfort.

  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that when I clicked on the link from email, it stated that your redcedar domain expired yesterday. I had to copy / paste your address to be able to view your post 🙂 What lovely pictures! I need to start meditation. I’ve heard it’s wonderful for the mind and soul.

    • Thanks for going to the extra effort to read this Paula! WordPress is holding my main domain hostage because another domain I own (and had linked to the site) has expired and I am not renewing it. Apparently I need to wait for customer service to have it properly cancelled and have my main domain restored. Just a small irritation. And yes, I can attest that meditation has brought many benefits to my well-being. I encourage all forms of quiet contemplation 🙂

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