Post #2063: A little catch-up after a few days of silence

Some fairly intense workload and stress has kept me away from the blog this week – when I don’t get breaks, posts don’t get written – which is shame as I was on such a roll last week!

So the news of the last week catch-up is as follows:

  • Brian returned from hunting and our freezer is full of moose meat. One moose split between five people is a reasonable amount (about 100 pounds, perhaps a bit more) without being excessive.
  • I have plans to pressure can five pounds of stewing meat – which will probably happen this weekend.
  • Apparently our cabin is ready for insulation inspection – all the exterior siding and soffits are on, and the insulation is installed – hopefully we’ll get up there in the next month to see it. But essentially, we are winterized!
  • I have started no new sewing or knitting projects because all I want to do now is finish the Paulie Sweater.
  • Today is my convocation for my Master’s Degree and I am doing the ceremony this afternoon with Bill Nye the Science Guy (who is receiving an honorary degree and is the keynote speaker) – how cool is that?

And that’s me this week. Now that I’ve caught you all up, I’m going to turn my attention to my slow fashion October post for tomorrow – and see if I can get back on a more regular posting cycle again.

(The above photo is apropos of nothing except the fact that interesting textures have been catching my eye lately – as possibilities for quilt and other textile art designs – this photo was taken on the West Coast of Vancouver Island a few years ago.)

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