Post #2059: Three things I would like to make this fall

This in no way constitutes a project list – because I’m not making a list of things that I should, or will do. That’s just a trap, doncha know? But I will tell you what garments seem like interesting makes to me at the moment, two of which I have the materials for already. If I actually start any of these, there will be a more detailed post on each of them.

First up is the Purl Soho Quilted Vest (featured on the left). I’ve got a light corduroy fabric that I picked up with this project in mind a couple of weeks ago, and three different quilting-weight cottons that I am weighing for the lining. A little while ago I started working on the Colette Wardrobe Architect Workshop and while I didn’t get further than the first couple of worksheets, I very quickly identified that I am a person who very much likes clothing for layering. Partly that’s because I live in the perpetual swing season of the west coast where you might be hiking on Christmas Day in a t-shirt, or battling a monsoon in August – and partly that’s because I’ve got body image issues and I like to cover up. Yes, I realize that layering isn’t the most slimming look, but body-brain problems are not exactly rational are they?

Anyhow – I currently own one outdoor vest, and it gets a lot of use when I don’t feel like wearing a heavy coat but I need something transitional. Although I have pictured the cotton vest above (because I want to use cottons) – I’m actually thinking I might use the pattern for the Wool Vest version which has pockets and buttons/snaps. We’ll see. I’ve printed out both of the free templates and this is a project that I am going to make a muslin for because top pieces don’t always get along with my bustline and I think I might have to do a full-bust adjustment on this one. After all, this is Purl Soho we’re talking about; I can’t help thinking that the clientelle whom they aim their products at are very elite/thin NYC women – which I am pretty much the opposite of.

But nevermind that – I love their free projects on the Purl Bee and I lust after many of their products – though between the initial cost, the exchange rate to Canada, and the shipping costs – I would pretty much have to sell my house to purchase from them.

Enough about that though, the second item that I’ve got the pattern and fabric for already is the Lady Skater Dress. The name alone is enough to get me excited about this pattern because when I was a eight, I couldn’t tell you what was more glamorous than the lady skater costumes (except for singers in restaurants – I thought they were pretty glam too). But really what attracts me to this pattern is the simplicity of a jersey-knit dress and a pattern that does (at least according to Mary over at Idle Fancy). I bought a ton of jersey knit at one point, in white, black, and red – and I need to use it up. Plus I’ve been thinking that because I will never wear white, and the red is too gauche – I wanted to find a simple pattern to make and then practice dying with.

This dress has been made lots and from what I can tell, it looks good on everyone. If I make a black version, it has the added bonus of being another garment for meditation practice – because knits are comfy over long periods of time!

My final fall intrique is the Aster by Colette Patterns. I should just say up front that me and blouses don’t have a very good history together. Though I so much desire the ability to wear a blouse with a pair of jeans or a skirt (as opposed to a pullover top, or a tank top with a cardigan) – I pretty much never find button-up tops that work for me – which is true for all women with boobage. Really, you end up stuck with a huge floaty sack, or the buttons are straining to close and gapping in between. There don’t seem to be a lot of options in ready-made clothing beyond that – which is why I have bought and then purged so many blouses over the years.

As a sewist, you would think I would have tried to make a blouse already – but no! It hasn’t happened because I am afraid of button holes. Making them, that is. I don’t have good button hole skills and so I pretty much stay away from anything that has a front-button closure. So Aster presents a challenge to me – which I’m ready for in my sewing life. Also, Colette  has a very good sew along site for their patterns that includes this excellent tutorial on the full bust adjustment for the pattern.

I love the neckline on this, and the simplicity  of the lines overall – though I would probably veer towards a 3/4 length sleeve version, or create ties for rolling up the long sleeves – since I pretty much never wear my sleeves long. I don’t currently have the pattern or the fabric for this – so it’s the last thing on my makes list at the moment. I really am trying to use up some of my stash this fall!

I’m just finishing up the Cappuccino Dress and working on my Zen embroidery project set-up at the moment, so it’s unlikely that any of these will get started this week – but it’s a tossup what will happen next!


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