Post #2046: As we all move into fall…..

It’s only the start of the Labour Day long weekend, but it is sure starting to feel like fall around here. Last week’s wind and rainstorms took the heat off the edge of summer and suddenly I feel the need for an extra blanket on the bed in addition to my thin, summer quilt.

I haven’t had much to say this week, though it’s all transition around our place right now. My step-daughter, M. moved out this week and into residence at the university (not far away from us), Brian’s work is starting to ramp up again as another school year on the hill begins, and I am facing my first September in four years where I am *not* going back to school. Instead, I am focused on bringing order to my newly-painted sewing room, and have immediate plans to finish M’s quilt and and make some garments for myself as soon as the dust has settled.

I’m short of time at the moment – trying to fit in the bits and pieces while gearing up for a busy fall. This weekend we’re going to see my family on Vancouver Island, next weekend is the cabin and Feast of Fields, then it’s hunting season, and on it goes. All my weekends for the next two months are used up and we’re not even out of the gate yet.

But! The canning is pretty much finished for another year, and I’ve got the body of a sweater half-knit. There is time on the ferry tonight to finish the scarf I’m making for Brian, and two fall fairs on the horizon (Saanich tomorrow, Princeton next Saturday) which I’m looking forward to. My sewing room is painted (thanks B!), and I just have to pick up three more pieces of furniture for it. Which is to say that despite being busy, I am well underway on many things and will continue to be. It’s really what I love about fall. Can you feel all that movement?

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