Post #2031: Sewing, yarning, cleaning, planning

Last night I cleaned up my sewing room a little bit – mostly because it had gotten too messy to do anything in, but also because Brian’s family are coming to town and I like to tidy up before people descend. It’s not even like I’ve been sewing lately (too hot, though now it’s cooling off I’m excited to get back to it) – but just using my ironing board and sewing table as places to dump stuff that I don’t feel like putting away. Bad habit!

As always, when I start tidying, I notice how many unfinished objects (UFOs) I have kicking around. Sometimes I just stuff them all back away for some future gleaning, but last night I actually assessed a few as “too old” or “I hate that fabric feel” and pitched them in the garbage rather than pretending I was ever going to get around to them. Other items, I noted, only need a hemming or a blocking to finish – and so I’ve set those into a pile to see what I can do with them in the next six weeks or so. Then there are larger projects that will take more time and energy to finish – and once I do the “easy” finishes I’ll start working through those too.

But mostly what I thought about was the fact that I’m going to be pulling everything out of that room (and the closet) in September so that I can paint it, and after that I’ll be putting in new furniture and reorganizing the rest. My step-daughter going into university residence means we’ve got a new room in the house which for now will be used as our TV and guest room (including place for her to stay when she isn’t at school) – and that means that at least for now I get a dedicated sewing/yarning/making space. Since it’s a pretty small room – my goal is to maximize storage while not crowding it up – so I’ve got plans to change up the closet storage and include some under-desk and under-bed storage options as well (I’ll be converting the single bed from my SD’s room into a daybed in the sewing area for now). I’m also hoping to improve the lighting and find space for a design-wall or at the very least a corkboard for pinning ideas and cloth scraps to.

In any case, I’m pretty excited about having this dedicated space – it’s a real privilege to have enough extra space to do things like this. I’ve got a list of possible Ikea furniture in white with black accents and am now thinking about neutral paint colours that I can live with. I’m thinking silver or dove grey mostly – something with warmth though, and not too much blue. And for an accent (pillows on the daybed mostly) – purples as the accent colour? I’m not exactly sure about that yet – but I do like the idea of painting the inside of the closet something crazy vibrant-fuschia and having cushions on the daybed that pick up on that. We’ll see.  Whatever I end up doing in there, it’s a bunch of work in the fall to get done. I’m looking forward to it though – a refresh of a room that has up until now been just utilitarian space without much character. I’ll post before pictures and swatches soon!



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