Post #2027: Arrival at a conclusion

We have now been at the cabin-in-progress for four days, with another three ahead of us before we return to Vancouver. This is the longest stretch we have spent on this property in one go.

Each day I have meditated, jogged, kayaked, walked, worked on the property, and gone swimming. This afternoon I spent the two hottest hours of the day at a swimming hole created by Brian and our friend Will – thus giving us a “private” beach covered in lovely native grasses, solomon’s seal, and wild mint (photo above). Also, I have seen water snakes, frogs, osprey flying overhead, deer, rabbits, and many signs of other animals since we have been here.

In the last year I have sometimes wondered if the cabin project is worth it, worth going back to work full time to pay for it, worth giving up other experiences for. After floating around on the lake with our friends this afternoon, another fabulous meal, another day of watching the sun go down over the hill – I can honestly say yes. Yes, it is worth it and all the work ahead will be worth it too. We have been incredibly lucky to find this place within reach of the city at a price we could afford. Each moment we spend here is a taste of more to come – and in particular I look forward to more time with friends in this place.

It is quiet at the moment, with friends gone to bed, or out fishing – and I am grateful for that also. A moment to myself in the evening hum of crickets, birds, and the odd passing car on the main road.

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