Post #2021: That’s another wrap!

One more finished item to share with you!

Earlier this week I finally got around to blocking this wrap and last night I put buttons on it. This seems to be a month of finishing things both emotional and material:

Doris Chan’s T-Bird Four Ways – crocheted out of linen-rayon.

The best thing about this wrap is that it is really just a product of boredom, I dug around in my stash and frogged an old project to recover the yarn, and then crocheted it over a month because I had nothing better to work on, really. Now it’s done, I feel like it’s a bit of a gift because it cost me nothing and I didn’t fret on the pattern at all – I just picked it for something to do with my hands.

There are three more projects coming (one crocheted and two knitted ones) and I’m thinking of casting on a sweater because I have at least two sweaters worth of yarn in my stash and it’s really the reason I want to learn how to knit (crocheted sweaters are a bit thick, even when made with fingering weight yarn – because crochet makes a bulkier fabric) – so I’m plotting the Paulie which looks like a totally do-able first cardigan. I’m thinking that I will take that and a simpler project along for our July holiday at the cabin when I have some time to make headway on it. I am on a bit of a knitter’s high at the moment, as I finally feel like I get it.  Sweaters for all I say!



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