Post #2018: The faux-waldorf – my salad of the week

I’ve been on a salad (and exercise) kick for the last three months – pretty much replacing whatever else I used to eat for lunch with a salad in a jar for my Monday-Friday workdays. Practically what this means is that I buy enough stuff for five lunches and then eat the same salad every day for a week, putting it together quickly each morning before I head out the door. I switch every week, so it doesn’t get boring – and I always make sure to include lots of textural stuff to make me happy (I prefer crunchy things to lettuce leaves, for example). This week I’m pretty sure that I’ve got my favourite salad of all time on the go – a chicken, apple and walnut affair with spinach straight out of the garden. It’s a little higher on the calories than I prefer (I am watching my numbers as I work to lose weight after all) – but if you skip the walnuts it becomes a lot more reasonable.  Here is my salad of the week:

The Faux-Waldorf Salad In a Jar

Into your jar layer the following:

1 tbsp blue cheese dressing (I use Litehouse)
3 oz cooked chicken breast
1 cup cucumber sliced in the way you want to eat it
1 small apple
1 cup spinach or other greens

In a separate container to be added to the top once your salad is upended into a bowl: 1/2 oz walnut halves or pieces.

This is salad at its finest – enjoy!



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