Post #2011: Long live the ugly quilt.

So. The ugly quilt is almost finished – I completed the hand-tying last night and trimmed the edges – which puts me at the last step of binding. It’s been ten years since I started this puppy – a queen-sized quilt that I could never love enough to get to the end of. But the cabin has given it new life – because this is exactly the kind of bed covering you want in a casual place: nothing too lovable, nothing too precious, warm and extra-snuggly (I used a heavier-than-normal quilt batting on this project). Also, these colours won’t look dirty anytime soon – which reduces the number of times it will need washing in any given year.

My goal at this point is to finish this before our next cabin trip (first weekend of June), and also to get proper foam pads for our sleeping cots – my biggest problem to date at the cabin is that the pads on our cots (really old camping inflatables – one that I’ve had for a dozen years and the other is one I found washed up on a beach) are so uncomfortable that I have trouble sleeping and I think it’s time to get sheets and a coverlet rather than bed down in sleeping bags any longer.

After this little project is finished, I’ve got to get on the graduation/moving-into-residence-in-the-fall quilt for my step-daughter. I had hoped to finish it by her graduation date (mid-June) but these last couple of months have been busier than anticipated (not to mention warmer) and I’m just at the starting place with that one. Fortunately, she doesn’t need it until September!

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