Post #1996: Monday morning dispatches

This is a Monday morning post and as such, I’m not aiming for well-strung together or even coherent. Here are some news bulletins from my current life:

Morning Soundtrack: Portrait (Angele Dubeau & La Pieta play Ludovico Einaudi). I just bought this recording on the weekend and yes! All the beauty of Einaudi’s composition interpreted with a focus on strings.

Vindication: My test results came back positive for strep throat. Probably the first time ever I’ve been glad to find out I have something. The antibiotics are doing their job so I’m pretty much better except that my asthma has kicked in and I’m coughing at night.

Tonight is the final class in completion of my Master’s degree. Even though I finished my work for the degree a few weeks ago, tonight is the last official class after four years of part-time night school to obtain a Master’s in Liberal Studies.  I once wrote a post about how getting a graduate degree was really important to me – but now I can’t find it – suffice to say, I am realizing as I write this what a big deal it is. I have a Master’s degree now, for real. I am going to go put that on my resume just to make it official.

My band, Lone Crow Jubilee, is playing a show on Wednesday night at The Cottage Bistro on Main Street (vancouver, bc). We start around 7:30 and play until 10:00 or so – it might be the last performance as a group for a few months as various band members are off on jobs and travel adventures – so if you are so inclined, come and have some drinks with us (and listen to our new songs!) Brian and I plan to work more studiously on composing and arranging for our duo to compensate in the meantime.

I’ve got to get some work done now – I’m aiming to get to post #2000 this week – so we’ll see if I can make that happen!

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