Post #1987: It may be spring in Vancouver…….

This is the lake that our cabin sits across the road from – I took this photo at the forest service rec site down the road, two weekends ago when we were up there last. It’s still quite cold  at night (Brian and I nearly froze in our unheated, unfinished cabin) – but as far as I can tell from the community web cam, the ice is pretty much off the lake now. We’re thinking of going up on the long weekend, mostly because Mica’s never seen the place and we’ve got the time to do so, but I’m not sure whether we’ll stay there or in town where we can get heat! I am impatient for the last snow and ice to melt and for the work season to start again – we are so close to having a functional cabin – this season of work will surely get us there.

The process of building something from the beginning is both amazing and overwhelming, especially if you don’t really have a contractor (we have had the basic building contracted, but trades are on us and also we’ll be doing the finishing work over the next few years). On the one hand, there’s a lot to be done! On the other, you get to make all the choices as you go and you aren’t stuck with someone else’s corner-cutting (in the land of cabins, there is a lot of hokey building going on). I really look forward to being at the stage where we can build in furniture and start to cozy the place up – I’ve already started making afghans and quilts to use once we are spending real time up there (and we have heat).

I do find it much easier to come to ground when I look at lists of what has to be done, rather than just standing in a cold, half-finished building and wondering what next, and how long is that going to take? (And on that note, as soon as we can get the technician in, I’m getting Internet installed – so when I need to Google work processes and procedures, I can do so, rather than driving down the road to the Fire Hall/Community Centre). The whole process is really making me wish that I knew how to build stuff and wasn’t afraid to get on ladders – but it also feels right to support folks in the local economy and it’s amazing to see transformations each time we arrive after a stint of building.

Despite the ice and snow on our last trip, this was the first time I walked all the way around the lake – although it’s only a 3 km walk, we are usually so focused on working when we are up there that I don’t get out and enjoy the area as much as I would like. I’ve decided that from now on, if it’s the least I do – each time I go I’ll make this walk happen – it’s quick and satisfying, and I love seeing it from all the different angles.

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