Post #1982: Cabin building season is coming again!

I have to admit that the coming of spring weather has renewed my cabin obsession; after months of not being able to go up there (since October, because it’s not winterized yet) I find myself thinking about our place outside of Princeton non-stop. Brian and I plan to go in two weeks time for an overnight to take some things up and assess where we are at for clean-up of the site, and then spend the Easter long weekend there doing work, whatever work we can do pre-insulation and pre-framing-inspection. There are still a lot of steps between here and finished and it’s hard for me to discern the order at times. In any case, I’ve spent at least part of the day googling cabin interiors with an emphasis on planks and reclaimed wood. We are not going to get to interior finishing this summer, though I am hopeful that all exterior siding, rails and interior insulating will be done. (We just heard back from our woodstove guy also and he says if the snow melt up there continues he will be able to get our woodstove in by the time we visit in two weeks. I hope that’s so or otherwise it’s going to be a bit cold.)

This spring I am also planning on putting a wash station together for the outhouse, install a rain barrel installed on that structure, plant some shrubbery around the base, and build a small meditation shelter at the top of our property. Now that I write all that out, I’m getting mitre saw angst – mine is such a beastly, ancient thing (vintage 1970s, my dad gave it to me and it’s a workhorse but so damned heavy – yes I know everything was made so much better without plastic but it’s also impossible to move my mitre saw around without developing a hernia – I seem to remember that the same was true for the Husqavarna sewing machine that was passed down by my mother).

Anyhow, I’ve started a cabin design and decorating Pinterest board which I hope will at least channel my little obsession until I get up there and start doing some work again.


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