Post #1980: This little frog is a bit of garden magic

Someone left a frog on the edge of our front yard pond and for a moment this morning, my partner thought it was a real frog. Hooray! Isn’t that a little bit of fun 🙂 The pond is very small, but it is a fascination to the little kids on walks with their moms – probably it’s the turtle fountain that shoots water – but it could just be that our yard feels cozy and inviting. I want to do a lot more planting in it come this spring – plus add some more little features. The front yard has been a long work in progress – I sometimes wish I had a few thousand dollars to throw at it and just get it done – but instead I pick away at it a bit year by year.  I see that one of the houses on our block is slated to be torn down and I’ve got a mind to knock on the door and ask if I can dig up the plants in the front yard to fill mine with.



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