Drive-by posting.

I’ve been away, and now I’m back but I can’t promise much in the way of blogging these days because I have a new job (for four months – it’s not permanent) and on top of that, a whole ton of social/family/academic and otherwise awesome events coming up over the next few months.

Things are good over here – really quite great in fact. I’m the acting Communications Manager in my shop until mid-November which means more pay (and more work too), I just came back from 9 days of camping and hiking in the mountains (pictures soon), and I am nearly at the end of one very long crochet project as well as a gift I am making for the upcoming wedding of some friends. This fall I am enrolled in the 2nd to last course of my Master’s degree (Topic: Mercy and Forgiveness), in addition to several lectures that are part of the Maiwa Textile Symposium and a creative textiles workshop in November. I’ve been organizing a philosophy book event for September as well as helping to organize a 2-day meditation retreat in the same month. Also, my writing group is planning a retreat for November.

Oh – and also I’ll be working at the Adams River Salmon Fest during the opening weekend! It’s a lot, yes, but all such great things that I’m feeling pretty positive about it all. The one casualty of all this scheduled activity is very likely to be sewing projects as those require more sitting down time than I forsee myself having – though I am still hopeful that I can knock off a couple of fall skirts and tunics before the whirlwind takes full effect. We’ll see.

I’m feeling very blessed at the moment, especially with the chance to take on a different role at work for a few months (honestly, I had no idea how suited I would feel to the work – I’m kindof already hoping my co-worker decides not to come back for awhile). As usual, my silence here does not mean I have nothing to say, but no time to say it.

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