Starting a new stitch.

imageThe first hand work I ever undertook (besides my failure of a Grade Six sewing class) was cross-stitching. At the time I was the least crafty person I could imagine (seriously – I didn’t have a decorative bone in my body) – and yet for some reason I found myself drawn to a book called Celtic Cross Stitch at the SFU Bookstore and bought it. This became my first self-taught visual practice, one which has resurfaced intermittently over the years – in both small and large (tapestry-style) formats. (The last thing I finished was this pillow which languished for years in my UFO pile). I do tend towards sewing and crochet these days – but mostly only because my eyesight isn’t so great for small work anymore.

Recently I’ve been inspired by some folks on an online forum who do all manner of hand work – including cross stitch – and so I shopped around the Internet and found myself a kit for a table-runner (Christmas themed – this is my annual contribution to household decorating). This central star marks the start of it and I have to admit I’m a bit excited about it. I’ve never used a kit before – and they are a tad expensive for what you actually get – but there is a tremendous convenience in pre-cut thread and fabric that matches the pattern requirements.

I’ll share as I go – one more project to add to the rotation (I’ve got two crochet projects, three quilt projects and one dress on the go at the moment as well) – which pretty much ensures I’ve got most of the 2014 making schedule ironed out 🙂



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