Blueberry Lavender Mead Step Two

IMAG0038Step two in the mead-making process happens 24 hours after the campden tablet is added to the honey-juice. The recipe in True Brews calls for a liquid mead in a tube, but I ended up with a different mead yeast that was liquid but required steps that involved leaving the yeast sealed in the bag while activating it and I missed that entirely. I am sad to say that even though I dutifully mixed it up with my boiling water and honey this morning, I came home to some very dead yeast (you really can tell when a yeast mixture is dead in that the liquid looks flat, has no bubbles and the yeast has sunk to the bottom).

Fortunately I had a couple packs of red wine yeast kicking around so I dumped one of those into a cup of the juice from my ferment – and within an hour it activated:

IMAG0040As I write this, the yeast is in activation mode – after about three hours of that I will add it to the honey-juice mix and then reattach the airlock. For the next week afterward I’m going to stir it once a day and otherwise leave it alone to do its thing.


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