February is my New Year

As you might have noticed January has been a bit of a wash for me. I have now been sick for one full month – starting with a late December cold and then morphing into either a worse cold or the flu – I have missed out on countless fun activities and good times, not to mention the fact that my work targets have all gone entirely out the window due to excessive absence.

But most of all, what has really sucked about this is the timing. As someone who looks forward to the turning of the year for all the psychic relief and goal-setting it brings me – January 1st is a time of great intentionality as I think about all the possibilities for the year ahead. But this year? I was too busy blowing my nose to come up with anything resembling a sustained thought — and the 1st came and went without a single wiry resolution poking its head up.

You’d think I could let it go, just this one year – but sadly, no. I’m all pent up with my need to resolve — not to mention stir-crazy with being stuck inside during all these nice days we’ve had lately. So I’m going to use February as my New Year – which is appropriate not only because I’m finally well enough to care about life, but also because my birthday happens in the first week of the month — so it’s a new year for me regardless!

I haven’t quite worked them all yet so I’m going to wait to post on this until tomorrow or Saturday – which is the actual start of the new year according to me.

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