Mini-Review: A Tale for the Time Being

Returning home from Victoria to my Amazon order of new fiction coincided with this dreadful cold that has kept me in bed for the last day and a half – which at the very least has allowed me to power through my first read of 2014 in a day! This novel had me in sustained-attention mode all day yesterday, as the tale rolls through three worlds (modern-day Cortes Island, urban Japan, and rural/spiritual Japan) all well-explored by the characters who inhabit them. A nice blend of zen philosophy, BC scenery, and tsunami-lore with a little quantum physics disguised as magical realism thrown in. 5/5 – highly recommend!

One Comment on “Mini-Review: A Tale for the Time Being

  1. Aaaargh! Reading this novel on a deadline, since it has to go back to the library and it’s only a 1-week loan. So I have to rush, which is a shame because I want to savour it. What a wonderful book!

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